Tips To Avoid Issues With Your Garbage Disposer

After spending the Christmas holiday busy in the kitchen, it made me think about what a wonderful invention the garbage disposal is.  I wouldn’t live in a house without one!!  The garbage disposal is a relatively simple appliance, but it is one that can have major benefits in just about any home. As simple as they are, they are still mechanical systems so we do have a few tips to help you avoid problems.

Keep It Clean

Maintaining a clean garbage disposal can help you to avoid many potential issues with its operation. Skip the bleach and harsh chemicals when doing so, though. You can fill the disposal with ice cubes to help clean it, or you can purchase products specifically made for that purpose. Our Parts Department sells a wonderful product called “Plink” that cleans and deodorizes the disposal safely and effectively.

 What Not To Put In Your Disposal

There are several food items you should NEVER put down a disposal. Of course you should never put bones in a disposal, but here are some less obvious items. Potato peelings, lettuce, celery and onion peels are items that should be avoided as they don’t chop up well and can often cause blockage.  You should also avoid putting liquid fats or grease down the drain, as they’ll congeal and cause clogs when they cool.

Other Tips and Tricks

1) Always, always, always run the garbage disposal with the water on. This is important for the bearings of the mechanism.

2) Run the garbage disposal for about 5 seconds after all of the food has gone down it. This ensures that any and all food particles are broken up and disposed of. Otherwise, they can build up and create a smelly odor.

3) Use citrus to help with the smell. Simply cut up some lemon or orange into slices and place down the disposal. It will give the disposal a nice clean citrus scent.