Great Career, Tuition 100% Free

Are you thinking about your future, and looking for a career that can provide a great quality of life and job security? A technical career in the Heating and Cooling industry can take you to new heights of success – and the technical education you need to get there, can be all yours for free. That’s right, 100% free technical school training where you’ll graduate with guaranteed job placement.

Mitchell Technical Institute and the scholarship program Build Dakota have teamed up for a program called “The Double Edge”. This program encourages South Dakota businesses (like Frisbees) to sponsor a student in their industry. The sponsor business pays for half the educational costs, while the Build Dakota program pays for the other portion. During their education, the student has a chance to build a relationship with their sponsor company. Once that student has completed all the course requirements and has graduated, that student is guaranteed a job with the industry Sponsor. There is also an opportunity for after school and summer work with your sponsor company.

Who Benefits?

The Student: Any student who participates in the Double Edge program will graduate with an excellent set of technical skills and will have NO student debt to pay back.

Frisbees (Industry sponsor): We will get a highly trained technician who will possess the skills to succeed within our organization.

The State of South Dakota: By investing in our workforce, we are working hard to ensure that we have a well-trained workforce to help our economy and our communities to grow and thrive.

Frisbees is currently looking for an individual to sponsor through this great program. There are only a certain number of scholarships available, so please contact us or pass this opportunity on to someone you know. If there are no available scholarships left thru the Double Edge program, Frisbees will still sponsor with 50% free tuition through our company program. Call Frisbees at 338-6321 to apply and get started on a path to success!