Supplying Your Own Materials…Read This First

Frisbees is a full service company that offers Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical products and service for new construction and remodeling projects.  Unique to Frisbees is a retail Kitchen and Bath Showroom, where you can select fixtures for your project.  Our Showroom offers a great convenience during projects by offering a retail location for you to purchase fixtures.  This makes the process seamless when you purchase product from the same contractor that is providing labor for your project.

More importantly, Frisbees as a contractor is accepting full responsibility for all materials and labor that we supply for a project.  Frisbee CANNOT do this for materials that you (as a client) choose to purchase elsewhere and supply for the project.  Here are a few things to know if you decide to supply your own materials for a project…

1)  You must assume full responsibility/liability for ordering correctly and on time, and for receiving and inspecting all materials.

2)  You must supply us a complete set of detailed spec sheets on all materials & equipment before the work begins.

3)  In the event of missing or damaged parts etc with client supplied materials, you assume full responsibility/liability for returning and exchanging items.

4)  Client must assume full responsibility/liability for assuring that all products meet all applicable codes and ordinances.

5)  Clients must understand that missing or broken pieces or wrong materials may alter our work schedule

6)  Client must assume full responsibility for all guarantees and warranties pertaining to those materials supplied.  The contractor will not be liable for any product malfunctions related to defective product.

Let Us Take The Responsibility

If you prefer to have Frisbees accept full responsibility for the materials on your project, we will be happy to provide all the items necessary to complete your project.

Since Frisbees is a full service company with their own Kitchen & Bath Showroom, we can furnish almost all fixtures so you don’t have to shop around.  We can do that at a competitive price while offering installation, warranty, service after the sale and 24 Hr. emergency service.