Heavy Snow Could Be Why Furnace Isn’t Working

Did you know that the recent snowfall could be the reason your furnace isn’t functioning properly?

The reason a heavy snow fall could cause your furnace to malfunction is based on how they are vented.  Many furnaces are vented out the roof of a house, but you’ll find many homes that have had their equipment replaced that are now vented out the side of the house.  This makes the PVC pipes for the air intake and the exhaust vulnerable to being blocked by blown or drifted snow. 

So if your furnace stops functioning after this accumulation of snow we’ve had, step outside and check the PVC venting on the side of your house.  If they look blocked, try to clear away any snow that may be around or inside the pipes.  Once you’ve cleared the vents, many furnaces will automatically restart, but not all of them.  If your furnace continues to malfunction, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals.