Tips To Avoid Issues With Your Garbage Disposer

After spending the Christmas holiday busy in the kitchen, it made me think about what a wonderful invention the garbage disposal is.  I wouldn’t live in a house without one!!  The garbage disposal is a relatively simple appliance, but it is one that can have major benefits in just about any home. As simple as they are, they are still mechanical systems so we do have a few tips to help you avoid problems. Read More

Supplying Your Own Materials…Read This First

Frisbees is a full service company that offers Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical products and service for new construction and remodeling projects.  Unique to Frisbees is a retail Kitchen and Bath Showroom, where you can select fixtures for your project.  Our Showroom offers a great convenience during projects by offering a retail location for you to purchase fixtures.  This makes the process seamless when you purchase product from the same contractor that is providing labor for your project.

More importantly, Frisbees as a contractor is accepting full responsibility for all materials and labor that we supply for a project.  Frisbee CANNOT do this for materials that you (as a client) choose to purchase elsewhere and supply for the project.  Here are a few things to know if you decide to supply your own materials for a project… Read More

Does Your Toilet Constantly Run?


Are You Throwing Money Down The Toilet?

Does your toilet make constant dripping noises when it’s not being used? Or do you hear the tank filling up, even when it hasn’t been flushed? Your toilet flapper could be leaking.


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