Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide!!!


A couple months ago a local Sioux Falls family who had their own experience with this deadly gas, we feel it’s a good time to remind everyone about Carbon Monoxide and the importance of having a Detector.

This local family’s home became filled with carbon monoxide from a malfunctioning furnace, and this poisonous gas began to wreak havoc on those exposed. The family members experienced various symptoms from struggling to breath and unconsciousness to having loss of feeling in lower extremities. So as you can see this is a very serious topic. Read More

Great Career, Tuition 100% Free

Are you thinking about your future, and looking for a career that can provide a great quality of life and job security? A technical career in the Heating and Cooling industry can take you to new heights of success – and the technical education you need to get there, can be all yours for free. That’s right, 100% free technical school training where you’ll graduate with guaranteed job placement. Read More

Heavy Snow Could Be Why Furnace Isn’t Working

Did you know that the recent snowfall could be the reason your furnace isn’t functioning properly?

The reason a heavy snow fall could cause your furnace to malfunction is based on how they are vented.  Many furnaces are vented out the roof of a house, but you’ll find many homes that have had their equipment replaced that are now vented out the side of the house.  This makes the PVC pipes for the air intake and the exhaust vulnerable to being blocked by blown or drifted snow.  Read More